Retreat in 2015

Buddhist Wisdom on Preparing for Our Own Death

Each of us will die; not one of us will be left out.  Buddhists consider death to be the most important opportunity for enlightenment.  In this retreat, you will be offered practical tools, information, and Buddhist teachings to help you plan and prepare for this event.  If you allow yourself the time to consider your own death with clarity, loving kindness, compassion and tenderness, you will learn to move beyond – beyond fear, apprehension, and denial.  You will move into an acceptance and greater understanding of the nature of impermanence.  Your willingness to understand and prepare for death will be a gift to your loved ones, as you will then be able to leave them with the information they will need to continue their support when you cannot speak for yourself.

Designed in the formal Soto Zen Buddhist Tradition of Shasta Abbey, this retreat offers the rare opportunity to “let the world take care of itself” while absorbing the silence and stillness of retreat.  The daily schedule include mindfulness ritual and ceremonies of gratitude, as well as seated and walking meditation, Dharma classes and study periods.

December 9-13, 2015, held at Souther Dharma Retreat Center in Hot Springs, North Carolina

To Register:  Sign up with Southern Dharma Retreat Center –

Cost:  $320 for lodging and meals plus Dana (contribution to the teachers and to Southern Dharma Retreat Center)


Center for End of Life Transitions
828-318-9077 For Information and Guide on Call

Supported by Anattasati Magga, Inc., a Buddhist Sangha for the Laity.
The Center for End of Life Transitions is a nonprofit, all-faiths project.
All donations are tax-deductible.

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