Preparing for Your Own Good Death and Life
(How will you carry out your last years, months, and days?)

  • Identifying Your Spiritual Beliefs
  • What Do You Want to Accomplish Before You Die?
  • Letting Go (fears, possessions, attachments, resentments, etc.)
  • What You Want Your Loved Ones to Know?
  • How Might You Be Supported Before Death and Beyond
  • What Does a “Good Death” Mean to You?
  • Planning Your Funeral
  • Ceremonies
  • Much, much more…

This workshop is $60/class.

To Register: Sign up online on our “Registration” page.


  • Visit our “Calendar of Workshops and Retreats” page
  • Meeting once/month – 3-hour class each month for 12 months (attend all 12)
  • 3rd Sunday of the Month, 1-4pm (perhaps with some exceptions)
  • Beginning August 16, 2015

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Center for End of Life Transitions

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