By settling the matters of your world and making decisions ahead of time, you create an opportunity to enter your end of life, the moment of death and what may follow, with greater awareness and freedom.Here, you will find pages with more information on End of Life Initiatives and Home Funeral Guidance as well as about CEOLT and Caroline Yongue.

Our calendar of workshops and retreats lists upcoming educational opportunities.For private consultations to individuals and tailored facilitations to groups, please contact us.


NEW(s): Online Retreat
During the month of November, 2012, our Director, Caroline Yongue, will be presenting an online retreat: “How a Buddhist Prepares for Death”.This retreat will be offered in 4 classes. One class will be posted each week to the “Retreat” section of Tricycle’s Online Magazine. (read more at Tricycle) Online Retreat Participants – looking for the Advance Care Directive PDF? it’s here. Click to download.


“Serenity was sprawled all over Ruth’s home like a blessing. I saw that Serenity, Herself, had Sandra wrapped in her arms. The strawberries by the path lounged in the afternoon sun, speaking together of ripeness. Ruth’s roses, orange magnificence, glowed on the window- sill as beacons, guiding Jane’s transition.”
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The Center for End of Life Transitions is an all-faiths project of Anattasati Magga, Inc., a Buddhist Sangha for the Laity. We are a nonprofit organization with an all Volunteer staff.

If you wish to support CEOLT, we welcome and appreciate it.


Center for End of Life Transitions . Caroline Yongue, Director


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